Gillardeau Oyster nº2 with different dressings | 4 pc€24,00
Grilled red prawn | per unit€18,50
Grilled crayfish with beurre blanc€40,00
Grilled razor clams ''Canyut del Delta''€26,00
Grilled squid with black garlic and iberian sobrassada€25,00
Pastry slice with smoked sardine€17,50
Special Iberian ham croquettes | 5 pc€18,00
Tuna, Nougat & Curry€19,00
Anchovies from cantabria ''00'' 4 ud€19,00
Grilled white asparagus from Navarre with sea urchin hollandaise€24,00
Marinated white shrimp and poached egg salad€19,00
Bites of beef tartare and smoked marrow emulsion€23,50
Pickled Red Tuna tarantelo, medlar and black garlic€24,00
Orange, oxalys, fennel and salted grilled cod€18,00
Mediterranean salad with tuna€18,50
Local tomatoes, homemade sorra tuna, raïm and green olive cream€21,00
Rice of Duck and Mushrooms€22,00
Rice with red prawn and sea bass€28,50
Senyoret rice with lechola, monkfish and white prawn€22,50
Lean pork rice with free-range chicken and chickpea€22,50
Mellow black rice with cuttlefish and cauliflower€25,00
Glazed redfish rice€25,00
Carabinero rice au gratin€30,00
Blue lobster and cuttlefish rice (mellow or dry)€56,00
Glazed redfish rice€25,00
Cod, cauliflower and garlic€25,00
Lechola (blue fish) in 2 cooks€30,00
Grilled sea bass (min 2 pax) price per person€30,00
Grilled redfish (min 2 pax) price per person€41,00
Grilled and pickled red tuna ''parpatana''€35,00
Fresh fish of the day, check availability
Traditional fish soup rice (upon request, min 2 pax) price per person€55,00
Royal of guirro lamb, rosemary and fonoll mary€26,00
Iberian pig feather, mushrooms and almond aioli€26,50
Grilled beef sirloin€33,00
Beef steak tartare and our pickles with cured egg yolk€34,00
Wagyu ''premium'' 600gr | (min 2 pax) price per person€65,00
Warm apple, our goat yogurt and honeycomb€10,50
Chocolate supermousse, coffe ice cream and hazelnuts€9,50
Creamy baked cheese cake€9,50
Opera, the french classic of coffe and chocolate€9,50
Rhubarb, raw almond and lemon balm€10,50
Artisan Ice cream€8,00
Sourdough bread ali olí and tomato€3,00