Gillardeau Oyster nº2 with different dressings | 4 Pieces€19,00
Fried crystal prawn, peppers and egg at low temperature€13,50
Iberian Ham€24,50
Iberian Ham croquettes | 6 pieces€12,00
Tuna, Nougat & Curry€12,50
Soft pickled red tuna, peach, cucumber au gratin€14,50
Anchovies from Cantabria with samorejo geleé€12,00
Grilled octopus, mashed potatoes and smoked oil€24,50
Baked Squid with roasted garlic and citrus€24,50
Mediterranean salad€13,00
Seasoned tomato with Cantabrian anchovies€14,50
Our Waldorf Salad: Celery, avocado, feta and pecan€14,50
Smoked eel salad, sea urchins and barnacle seaweed€14,50
Rice of Duck and Mushrooms€19,00
Mellow black rice with Altea sepionets€19,50
Senyoret rice with lechola, monkfish and white prawn€20,50
Lean pork rice with free-range chicken and chickpea€20,50
Seafood fideuá, grouper & pumpkin€21,00
Cod confit, garlic mousseline and tomato€22,50
Hake, iodic broth and flame-fed aubergine cream€20,00
Salt baked sea bass (2 persons minimum)€25,00
``A la royale`` Lamb€23,50
Filet mignon, demi-glace & sea urchin hollandaise€26,00
Iberian pork grilled with vegetable ashes€24,50
French fries & roasted peppers side€4,00
French seasonal vegetables side€4,00
Creamy mashed potatoes side€3,50
Creamy Lemon pie witch iced pebrella€9,00
Opera, the french classic of coffe and chocolate€9,00
Super Chocolate Mousse, coffe and hazelnuts€9,00
Our special baked Cheesecake€9,50
Seasonal Fruit€9,00
Sherbet and Ice Creams€9,00
Petit Fours€2,50