Red prawn served on citrus salt | €/gr€0,20
Shrimp from Santa Pola 100gr€14,00
Gillardeau Oyster nº2 with different dressings | 4 Pieces€16,00
Tuna, Nougat & Curry€11,00
Tuna croquettes garlic & citrus ``ali oli``€9,00
Corvina ceviche, seaweed & avocado€12,00
Marinated Sardine, Crystal Bread & Pisto€9,00
Iberian Ham€19,00
Coca bread with roasted peppers and tuna€9,00
Grilled octopus with Iberian hummus and paprika oil€19,00
Baked Squid with roasted garlic and citrus€24,00
Mediterranean salad€12,00
Endive, tigs, cheese, roasted nuts salad€13,00
Tomato salad & cantabrian anchovy€11,00
Russian salad with tuna & soft mayonnaise€14,00
Black fideuá with squid€16,50
Rice of Duck and Mushrooms€16,50
Cod Rice with Garlics€18,00
Rice of Sea Nettles€18,00
Red tuna tartare with sesame sauce and crispy millet€22,00
Market Fish with roasted peppers and donostiarra sauce€20,00
Roasted Corvina, Green Garlic, Spinach & Shitake€17,00
Tubot, Pickled Vegetables Parsnip and Apple€20,00
Salt baked sea bass (2 persons minimum)€24,00
Iberian pork grilled with vegetable ashes€22,00
Roasted duck magret, arabic spices, datil and glazed pineapple€16,00
Beef sirloin with corn parmentier and foie flakes€24,00
Steak tartar with foie butter€17,00
Super Chocolate Mousse, coffe and hazelnuts€8,00
Cheesecake with yogurt ice cream€8,00
Custard with spiced caramel ice cream€8,00
Couland of Hazelnuts, Grated Chocolate & Vanilla Bourbon Ice Cream€8,00
Seasonal Fruit€6,00
Croquettes | 6 units€6,00
Squid rings fried in batter€10,00
Rice pot€8,00
Breast of chicken in breadcrumbs€10,00
Ice Cream€5,00
Fresh fruit€5,00